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Custom Email Accounts

For clients hosting their site with us, we specialize in creating custom email accounts including POP accounts, forwarding accounts and auto-responders.

POP Email Accounts:

POP email accounts, or Post Office Protocol accounts, are easily configured through your control panel. POP accounts store all inbound emails on your mail server until you download them to your computer. POP accounts are commonly checked through programs such as Outlook, tablets and smart phones and can easily be configured with the following settings:


Username: (your full email address acts as your user name)
Password: is created through your host account control panel

Forwarding Email Accounts:

Forwarding email accounts simply forward emails to another email account as the name implies. This type of email account is ideal for someone who wants to forward company emails to their personal yahoo, aol, or gmail account behind the scenes.


Auto-responders are the automatic answering of an email to a certain address. They are ideal for increasing communication with your clients and prospective clients. Examples of auto-responders include the generation of an email upon submitting a form or to inform people that you may be out of the office.