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Our Design Process

Developing a successful web presence is not by chance. Our proven development process allows us to achieve successful results for our clients by thoroughly understanding their business model before we even hit the computer. Our Design Process consists of the following 4 simple steps:

1. Free Initial Consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to learn of your business needs and objectives. Questions you will likely be asked include the following:

  • What is the goal of your site?
  • What are the business requirements of your site?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What type of design do you visualize?
  • Have you previously registered a domain name?

2. Generating the Proposal

example web design proposal After reviewing your business objectives and requirements for the proposed site, we will prepare a fully detailed project proposal outlining the following:

  • Project Costs (web site development, domain registration and/or transfer as well as web site hosting)
  • Project Timeline (from start to finish)
  • Site Specifications (outlines the total # of pages as well as the specific content of each page)
  • Creation of email accounts
  • Site tracking tools
  • Liability agreement
  • Site ownership
  • Terms and agreement

3. Design, Development and Testing

Once the client approves their proposal and finances 50% of the project costs, we then begin development of their site. The development process typically begins by constructing a wire frame layout in which the scripts and codes on all pages are tested to ensure functional integrity. When fully tested, we then add the text and other relevant content to your site. Lastly, we add graphics and color schemes to match that of your organization or business.

Please note that clients have access to view the development of their site on one of our staging servers at all times.

4. Project Approval and Release

Once both parties agree that the site is 100% complete, we then require the client to sign a simple release form at which point we collect the remaining 50% of the project costs and set the new site live on their domain.